The Fire Fighting Robots

Thermite robot

Will firefighting robots ever replace human firefighters? Not on a large scale in the near future, but there have been advances in technology in recent years that has resulted in them being used on actual fires. There is no question that they could be useful in certain types of incidents where the environment would be very dangerous for humans, such as hazardous materials, radioactivity, or a tank that could explode.


Thermite 3.0 represents the world’s first practical fire fighting robot.   Small enough to fit in an elevator or drive through a 36″ wide door yet capable enough to deliver up to 2500 gallons of a water per minute. Thermite 3.0 fire fighting robot is unmatched in applicability, durability, and reliability.

Thermite 3.0 is the ultimate future fire fighting tool that offers the first responders the option for increased standoff and safety.

 The robotic vehicle is loaded with a water tanker and a pump which is controlled by wireless communication to throw water., It is also interfaced it with a wireless camera so that the person controlling it can view the operation of the robot remotely on a screen.

Watch the demonstration video carried out in China


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