Container Housing

In the 21st Century, shipping containers are being used more frequently for architecture than they are for actual shipping, It is just an opinion. There are several reasons why shipping container housing has grown in popularity. The houses are 


The general consensus is that shipping container homes are cheaper to build than conventional housing. The budget really depends on the situation, but shipping containers reduce costs dramatically in areas where it’s difficult to erect regular housing, such as sloping blocks of land.

2. Eco-friendly

One of the biggest pros of building a shipping container home, Whilst you could argue that melting down the shipping container and recasting the steel into something else is more environmentally friendly, you would be wrong. Recasting steel requires an incredible amount of energy and it isn’t financially viable- this is why there are so many abandoned shipping containers in the world.

3. Speedy to build

Shipping container homes can be built incredibly fast, They can be built offsite then shipped to your Land. 

The best example of this is a college in Holland wanted an additional accommodation for incoming students, So they decided to build a block of shipping container homes out of 250 containers. The shipping containers were modified in China and then shipped to Amsterdam. In total around 5 shipping containers were stacked each day. This means that in less than 12 weeks they had successfully built 250 shipping container homes!

The reason for this is that when you purchase a shipping container, you already have the walls, floor and ceiling for your home; you just need to apply insulation and decorate them!

But some architects say the trendy metal boxes have major flaws and are not worth the hype


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