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Great innovations in the building and construction industry come up each day , some are shocking some have that wow effect on you. If you’ve been keen enough I have been sharing a lot of such articles of late, From smart houses , to smart flower solar panels and today I hereby present to you the future of housing around the globe that is already being implemented in USA.

Kasita, Kasita is a latin word meaning “small house”.  It is the brainchild of a 42 year old professor living in the USA.  Mr wilson or popularly known as professor Dumpster after he sold all his property only to live in a dumpster. the name was then accrued to him.

Wilson, who is a former postdoctoral researcher at Harvard and IBM project manager, got the idea for Kasita after living in a dumpster for a year in 2014.


Meet Kasita ; The Micro-Housing Start-Up That's About To Revolutionize Real Estate

In his Quest to solve the housing crisis in America with seamlessly smart, beautiful and tiny house, the pre-fabricated homes can be assembled off-site and delivered to the client each Kasita slides into an engineered steel exo skeleton that can be built in under a week on any open lot in any city up to ten stories high.

Courtesy of Kasita

Kasita offers housing units that can sit by themselves or stack to form apartments. They can also sit on rooftops
... or they can sit on rooftops.

Since the units are so small,Since the units are so small, they are designed with space-saving storage. Drawers are located inside stairs.they are designed with space-saving storage. Drawers are located inside stairs.

State of the art kitchen

Across from the living room, there's a sleek kitchen.

The main Layout doubles up as the bedroom and the living room. The company is targeting a range of customers, including “urban millienials, upwardly mobile singles, the shrinking middle class, and retirees”.The main, open-layout space functions as both a living room and bedroom. In the model unit, a bed pulls out from the sofa (though the units come unfurnished).

The new Kasita is also larger, and features a host of smart tech integrations ranging from glass windows with adjustable transparency to Amazon voice controls, a Doorbird doorbell, and fancy water-conserving shower.

Kasita (a startup that gets its name from "casita," the Spanish word for "little house") sells tiny housing units that encourage a minimalist lifestyle.

Watch the interior design video below

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