Not Long ago, The year 2000 or thereabouts construction workers especially renovators and remodelling workers faced a myriad of challenges one of the challenges is messing up with clients electric wiring or mechanical pipes. This forced guys to bring down an entire wall to fix something that was not on the work schedule.  

Then in 2014, Things changed for the better,  A startUp company introduced  Walabot, Focused on advanced imaging capabilities, Walabot lets users see through solid objects, like walls and create 3D images.

The gadget tailored to DIYers, house renovators, construction, electrician and anyone who wants to have an easy way to make their home better. Walabot is growing, and after review understandably so, it acts as lifesavers for the construction workers everywhere. 

Walabot’s rivals locate framings by using a magnet which then locates a nail in the framing but what happens if the nail wasn’t hammered into the centre of the stud? Things might go south!

Walabot covers all those weaknesses It is among the first firms to use RF detectors to create 3D images. The device has the capability to see 4 inches (10cm) deep behind a drywall or concrete. it can detect normal things which you would expect behind a wall like frames, wiring and pipes. The device can help you see leaks, broken pipes, structural damage to your foundation and even detect little-unwanted guests like rodents.

Walabot only works with Android phones, Apple phones will have to wait for their launch. I found out this is the only drawback it has.  

Check out the video, below for better comprehension 



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