SmartFlower Solar Panels !

The Smart Flower’s name comes from its design – the solar cells are arranged on individual “petals” that open at the beginning of each day. After the sun goes down, the Smart Flower’s petals fold up and a self-cleaning process kicks in.

In addition to solar cells, the Smartflower system contains a dual-axis tracker that makes it possible for its “petals” to follow the sun across the sky throughout the day. Thanks to this tracking capability, the Smartflower can produce significantly more electricity than a similarly-sized rooftop solar panel system – up to 51 percent more, according to Smartflower’s website. The 12-petal, 194 square-foot structure comes with 2.5 kilowatts (kW) of electricity production, which is equivalent to a 4 kW fixed rooftop array.

There are two versions of the Smartflower available in the U.S., both of which are manufactured in Austria: the Smartflower and the Smartflower-Plus. The Smartflower-Plus offers energy storage capabilities via an integrated battery in addition to the standard solar electricity generation that the Smartflower offers.

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